5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Skateboard at our Skate and Ski Shop in NH

Ski shop in NH from Snowboard JonesIf you’re a young buck interested in skateboarding or a snowboarder looking for your adrenaline fix over the summer months, our skateboard and ski shop in NH is here to help you find the right board. When you see a skater bombing around town, you may not take note of the various pieces that make up a skateboard. There’s the deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels and bearings that make up a skateboard and each plays an important role in how the board operates. Everybody’s different, and everybody, whether young or old, will find that they’re comfortable skating on boards with different elements. Some skate goofy-footed, some like loose trucks, some like graphite trucks, some like waxed decks, and so on. Luckily, at our skate and ski shop in NH, we have anything and everything you could need to start thrashing.

The following are five things to consider when shopping for your new skateboard.

  1. Full skateboard package or custom board – We have complete board setups (deck, trucks, griptape, wheels, and bearings) starting at $99 and are ready to roll right out of the shop. We don’t skimp on quality either. These are great boards through and through. However, we also offer the separate parts of a skateboard so you can truly customize your own unique board. We have equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry and the most badass looking decks available today.
  2. Decks – Choosing a deck is dependent on your size and how you’re planning to skate. Thinner decks are better for street skating while wider decks tend to work better for vert skating. Then there’s the concave of a skate deck. This is the curve of the deck itself. Some decks are flatter while others have a deeper curve. Try out differently designed decks to see what feels the most comfortable for you. And, of course, make sure it looks badass.
  3. Trucks – These are the axles underneath your deck that allow you to turn and they come in a wide variety of widths, heights and turning abilities. Lower trucks are better for street skating because they’re more stable and higher trucks accommodate bigger wheels that allow you to travel at faster speeds. What’s great about trucks is that they can be loosened or tightened depending on your own preference.
  4. Wheels – Smaller wheels are better for street skating while larger wheels are more suited to ramp and park skating because they provide more speed. Again, depending on how you plan to use your skateboard is a key factor when choosing the right type of wheels. Try out a few different sizes and hardness to find what’s comfortable for you. And, again, make sure they look badass.
  5. Bearings – While these are the cheapest part of a skateboard, they’re also vitally important. These are installed inside your board’s wheels and are responsible for the amount of speed you’re able to produce while riding. Faster bearings work well on ramps and parks while regular bearings are perfect for street skating.

We hope this helps to narrow down your search for the perfect skateboard and humbly invite you to visit out showroom for more information and to peruse our vast collection of high-quality, professional-grade skating equipment!

If you’re interested in our skate and ski shop in NH, contact us at: 1-866-892-7607

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