Enhance Your Skateboarding Skills with a Little Help from Our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop

When it comes to extreme sports, you’ll find that athletes are extremely versatile. With snowboarders, skiers, surfers and skateboarders, they’ll often tell you that they spend their “off season” replacing one sport for another in order to retain the fundamental skills necessary to excel at extreme sports. Snowboarders will often take to the streets on skateboards during the summer while skiers may swap their skis for surfboards when the snow is long gone or they may all take part in each sport. There really are no rules when it comes to extreme sports. The spirit of individuality is the only thing really resembling a common thread between all of them. This is a common phenomenon that our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop is very familiar with and highly encourages.

This is part of the reason why we make skateboards, longboards, skate accessories and apparel available during the summer season right at our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop. Located in the same building as Ken Jones Ski Mart, 150 Kaye St in Manchester, NH, Snowboard Jones regularly stocks everything a skater or longboarder could ask for to take their skating to the next level. We have equipment and apparel from brands like Nike, Vans, Adidas, Sector 9, Land Yachtz, Loaded, Independent, Anti-Hero, Baker, Deathwish, and more. And, when it comes to skateboarding, there isn’t a short supply of ways to hone your skills this summer. New England is home to some of the most well respected skateboarding camps in the U.S.

Some of New Hampshire’s Best Skateboard Camps

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New Hampshire’s own, Waterville Valley (WV) offers a summer skateboarding camp that’s available to young skaters of all different skill levels. Since 2001, WV has been the place for full time skaters or snowboarders looking to stay active despite a lack of snow. Skaters can sign up for overnight programs or day programs that include, among other things, full time supervision and access to one of Southern New Hampshire’s premier skate parks. Well qualified and experienced coaches that specialize in everything from teaching new skaters how to do their first ollie to mastering a switch 360 kickflip will always be on hand to help skaters progress.

And then there’s “In the Net Sports Academy,” located in Merrimack, NH. They also provide summer skate programs for skaters of all skill levels ages 7 and up. They place an intense emphasis on providing skaters with a safe learning environment while also designing “class” sizes that are small enough to ensure that each student gets a significant amount of attention. Their classes are organized with a 12:1 skater to coach ratio. Based first on age and skill level, these small classes enable students to get the proper amount of guidance they need to improve their skating abilities. In the Net Sports Academy’s groups are divided as such:

  • Level 1 – “Learn to Skate.” The fundamentals about stance and movement are taught here.
  • Level 2 – “Intermediate Skate.” This is where learning tricks and how to ride switchstance start to come in.
  • Level 3 – “Intermediate Ramp and Park Skating.” Here is where skaters will learn how to drop in on ramps and start to practice more advanced ramp and park tricks.

So there’s an abundance of ways to enhance your skating abilities this summer and our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop encourages you all to explore each one!

To get all the latest skate gear and apparel from the most trusted brands in the industry, contact Snowboard Jones at: 603-627-7433

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