How Our Ski Shop in NH Becomes the Premier Skate Shop in New England

At our ski shop in NH, we don’t rest just because there’s no snow falling. Instead, we make the seemingly obvious transition from ski shop to premier NH skate shop. We use the term, “seemingly,” because not all snowboarders skate and not all skaters snowboard. In fact, excelling at one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll easily excel at the other. However, snowboarding and skating have a great deal in common. To succeed at either sport, you have to hone your balancing skills, refine your coordination, learn to take a few rough spills, and practice obsessively.

Snowboarding and skating do share an extremely important thing in common though; a spirit of individuality and freedom. Both are sports that require less of a team effort than most and more of an individual effort that requires a significant amount of discipline. And, at our ski shop in NH, you can find everything you need to start skating this summer. We have skateboards, longboards, trucks, wheels, skate clothing, footwear, and more accessories to keep you cruising down the street or perfecting your 360 kickflip at one of the many local skate parks in the area.

The Best Gear Available

Ski Shop NH from Snowboard Jones

We make sure to stock the latest products from the most trusted brands in the industry in order to provide our customers with the highest quality skate gear available. We have products from brands like Powell Peralta, Vans, Santa Cruz, Creature, Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Girl, Adidas, Independent trucks, Sector 9, Earthwing, and much more. We make it easy to take your skating to the next level with brand new products as well as substantial sales that can save you a great deal of money. We have complete skateboard setups starting at $99 as well as blank skateboard decks with grip tape for $30.

So, if you’re new to skating or seem to go through skateboard decks like Ryan Sheckler perfecting a switch heel flip to 50/50 grind down a massive flight of stairs, we have affordable, high quality decks and full skateboards for you to thrash at your leisure. And, of course, we have individual decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings that you can buy separately to customize your own skateboard or longboard in any way you like.

So stay on your toes this summer, make sure to regularly check in with our ski shop in NH, and keep on riding!

If you’re interested in all the skate gear that our ski shop in NH has to offer, contact us at: 603-627-7433

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