Ski shop in NH from Snowboard JonesIf you’re a young buck interested in skateboarding or a snowboarder looking for your adrenaline fix over the summer months, our skateboard and ski shop in NH is here to help you find the right board. When you see a skater bombing around town, you may not take note of the various pieces that make up a skateboard. There’s the deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels and bearings that make up a skateboard and each plays an important role in how the board operates. Everybody’s different, and everybody, whether young or old, will find that they’re comfortable skating on boards with different elements. Some skate goofy-footed, some like loose trucks, some like graphite trucks, some like waxed decks, and so on. Luckily, at our skate and ski shop in NH, we have anything and everything you could need to start thrashing.

The following are five things to consider when shopping for your new skateboard.

  1. Full skateboard package or custom board – We have complete board setups (deck, trucks, griptape, wheels, and bearings) starting at $99 and are ready to roll right out of the shop. We don’t skimp on quality either. These are great boards through and through. However, we also offer the separate parts of a skateboard so you can truly customize your own unique board. We have equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry and the most badass looking decks available today.
  2. Decks – Choosing a deck is dependent on your size and how you’re planning to skate. Thinner decks are better for street skating while wider decks tend to work better for vert skating. Then there’s the concave of a skate deck. This is the curve of the deck itself. Some decks are flatter while others have a deeper curve. Try out differently designed decks to see what feels the most comfortable for you. And, of course, make sure it looks badass.
  3. Trucks – These are the axles underneath your deck that allow you to turn and they come in a wide variety of widths, heights and turning abilities. Lower trucks are better for street skating because they’re more stable and higher trucks accommodate bigger wheels that allow you to travel at faster speeds. What’s great about trucks is that they can be loosened or tightened depending on your own preference.
  4. Wheels – Smaller wheels are better for street skating while larger wheels are more suited to ramp and park skating because they provide more speed. Again, depending on how you plan to use your skateboard is a key factor when choosing the right type of wheels. Try out a few different sizes and hardness to find what’s comfortable for you. And, again, make sure they look badass.
  5. Bearings – While these are the cheapest part of a skateboard, they’re also vitally important. These are installed inside your board’s wheels and are responsible for the amount of speed you’re able to produce while riding. Faster bearings work well on ramps and parks while regular bearings are perfect for street skating.

We hope this helps to narrow down your search for the perfect skateboard and humbly invite you to visit out showroom for more information and to peruse our vast collection of high-quality, professional-grade skating equipment!

If you’re interested in our skate and ski shop in NH, contact us at: 1-866-892-7607

Snowboard shop in ManchesterIn the world of skateboarding, there is a name that casts an awe-inspiring shadow over the shoulders of every professional skateboarder today – Rodney Mullen. Even today’s top skaters must quake at the thought of having to go trick to trick with the man. The things he’s been able to do with a skateboard over the last few decades make even the most accomplished street skaters pale in comparison. And, if you’re not familiar with Rodney Mullen, our snowboard shop in Manchester is here to introduce you to the man who made the impossible possible and the unimaginable a reality.

Reading can be boring so, before we get to deep into this thing, everyone at our snowboard shop in Manchester urges you to check out this video to see the top ten tricks Rodney Mullen invented in an unprecedented way that drastically shook the spine of professional skateboarding all together.

Mullen started out his skating career way back in the 80s, specializing in what was referred to as “freestyle” skating. This was at the same time that Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, and Steve Caballero were focusing on ramp skating with those big old fat decks. Freestyle skaters used boards that were considerably smaller and thinner and were used to do somewhat gimmicky, but complicated, tricks that, for the most part, were done from a somewhat stationary position. Anyone remember the movie “Gleaming the Cube?” That part when an angst-riddled Christian Slater was hopping up and down on his board in an abandoned warehouse to blow off steam –that was freestyle skating. The movie may be a bit dated but is a classic nonetheless.

The Road to the Throne

During the mid to late 80s, half-pipes were where it was at and catching the biggest air was every skater’s goal while freestyle skating seemed a bit awkward and uninteresting. As skateboarding became more popular, however, a new generation of skaters, without access to big ramps or skate parks, literally began skating on the streets. And, suddenly, “street” skating was born and eventually ousted vert skating as the new thing. Boards got smaller, wheels got smaller, and urban environments became unofficial skate parks.

So skaters started hoping on the bandwagon – some failed but some succeeded. But, again, lurking in the shadows, a skater with uncanny technical abilities soon found that his unique style of skating easily and shockingly lent itself to the new craze. Rodney Mullen hit the streets – hard. He entered the street skating arena with the subtlety of King Kong running down Times Square and with the innovative spirit of a fevered Thomas Edison. What did he bring to the table? The flatground Ollie, the Godzilla rail flip, the 540 shove-it, the 50-50 saran wrap, dark slides, 360 nollies, gazelles, the no handed 50-50 kickflip, the heelflip, double heelflips, the Ollie impossible, the 360 flip, the 360 pressure flip, the casper 360 flip, 50-50 sidewinders, the one footed Ollie, the backside 180 flip, Ollie nosebones, the Ollie fingerflip, airwalks, just to name a few.

Rodney Mullen didn’t need professional skateboarding, professional skateboarding needed him. Not following any trends or copying any styles, his individuality rose him to Olympian heights. He’s the pro skater’s skater; your favorite skater’s favorite skater. And how does he explain his explosive impact on skating?

From, Mullen says “Do what you love and try not to look at what other people occupy themselves with. Most people seem restless and bounce around too much to focus or even pay attention enough to themselves to figure out exactly what they really do love, as opposed to what the people that surround them are doing.”

Wise words from the Einstein of skateboarding.

If you’re interested in our snowboard shop in Manchester, contact us at: 1-866-892-7607

Snow board shop in Manchester NH from Snowboard JonesIn the midst of summer, you can never really fill up your wardrobe; especially when you’re an active skater or longboarder. If you are, chances are that your clothes take more of a beating than those poor souls on a 411 video crash reel. With every ollie, flip of the board, perfect landing and big spill, your shoes violently scrape harsh grip tape, your t-shirt slackens and loses its shape, and your shorts get scuffed and torn beyond recognition. Luckily, at our snowboard shop in Manchester, NH, we’re currently offering tremendous sales on skateboard and longboard gear and accessories!

From brands like Vans, Nike, Adidas, Anti-Hero, Landyachtz, Santa Cruz, Baker, Deathwish, and more, we’ve got everything you need to keep you skating and looking good while doing it! All of our t-shirts are currently 25% off and, if you buy two, you get one free. We’re also offering 50% off of select new shoes in plenty of summer styles. And, on some shoes, you’ll get 20% off of one pair or 40% off of two pairs. Our snowboard shop in Manchester, NH is full of the hottest gear just waiting to fly out the door at incredibly affordable prices, so you can focus on nailing that 360 heelflip without worrying about running out of shoes.

Keeping You Riding

All of our jeans and shorts, including those made by Vans, are now 50% off as well! We’ve even slashed prices on sunglasses. While a sunny day is great, the sun’s blinding reflection off of a handrail can be a real buzzkill when you’re trying to grind or slide down a flight of steps. Don’t worry; we’ve also got crazy deals on sunglasses from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our Rayban and Arnette sunglass are now 50% off and our Oakley and Electric sunglasses are currently 25% off! So you can affordably keep your eyes on your board and not on the blinding glare of the midday sun.

We’re also offering 20% off of select longboards and are maintaining our popular $99 complete skateboard setup as well. For just $99, you can get a high quality skateboard with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and hardware all included and ready to shred. So, while you’re cruising through town or thrashing through a park, remember to stop by Snowboard Jones for great deals on all of your favorite skateboards, longboards, and apparel. It’s our well stocked inventory, affordable prices, and the strong emphasis we place on customer service and satisfaction that have made us the premier snowboard shop in Manchester, NH!

If you’re interested in saving money this summer, contact our snowboard shop in Manchester, NH at: 603-627-7433

When it comes to extreme sports, you’ll find that athletes are extremely versatile. With snowboarders, skiers, surfers and skateboarders, they’ll often tell you that they spend their “off season” replacing one sport for another in order to retain the fundamental skills necessary to excel at extreme sports. Snowboarders will often take to the streets on skateboards during the summer while skiers may swap their skis for surfboards when the snow is long gone or they may all take part in each sport. There really are no rules when it comes to extreme sports. The spirit of individuality is the only thing really resembling a common thread between all of them. This is a common phenomenon that our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop is very familiar with and highly encourages.

This is part of the reason why we make skateboards, longboards, skate accessories and apparel available during the summer season right at our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop. Located in the same building as Ken Jones Ski Mart, 150 Kaye St in Manchester, NH, Snowboard Jones regularly stocks everything a skater or longboarder could ask for to take their skating to the next level. We have equipment and apparel from brands like Nike, Vans, Adidas, Sector 9, Land Yachtz, Loaded, Independent, Anti-Hero, Baker, Deathwish, and more. And, when it comes to skateboarding, there isn’t a short supply of ways to hone your skills this summer. New England is home to some of the most well respected skateboarding camps in the U.S.

Some of New Hampshire’s Best Skateboard Camps

Snow board shop in Manchester NH

New Hampshire’s own, Waterville Valley (WV) offers a summer skateboarding camp that’s available to young skaters of all different skill levels. Since 2001, WV has been the place for full time skaters or snowboarders looking to stay active despite a lack of snow. Skaters can sign up for overnight programs or day programs that include, among other things, full time supervision and access to one of Southern New Hampshire’s premier skate parks. Well qualified and experienced coaches that specialize in everything from teaching new skaters how to do their first ollie to mastering a switch 360 kickflip will always be on hand to help skaters progress.

And then there’s “In the Net Sports Academy,” located in Merrimack, NH. They also provide summer skate programs for skaters of all skill levels ages 7 and up. They place an intense emphasis on providing skaters with a safe learning environment while also designing “class” sizes that are small enough to ensure that each student gets a significant amount of attention. Their classes are organized with a 12:1 skater to coach ratio. Based first on age and skill level, these small classes enable students to get the proper amount of guidance they need to improve their skating abilities. In the Net Sports Academy’s groups are divided as such:

  • Level 1 – “Learn to Skate.” The fundamentals about stance and movement are taught here.
  • Level 2 – “Intermediate Skate.” This is where learning tricks and how to ride switchstance start to come in.
  • Level 3 – “Intermediate Ramp and Park Skating.” Here is where skaters will learn how to drop in on ramps and start to practice more advanced ramp and park tricks.

So there’s an abundance of ways to enhance your skating abilities this summer and our Manchester, NH Snowboard Shop encourages you all to explore each one!

To get all the latest skate gear and apparel from the most trusted brands in the industry, contact Snowboard Jones at: 603-627-7433

Long before Tony Hawk or Christian Hosoi began carving up half pipes, there were longboards. Longboarding originated in Hawaii in the 1950s, where surfers customized their skateboards, giving them longer decks and larger wheels to mimic the rolling motion of waves and balance required by surfing. This enabled surfers to take to the streets on days when the ocean was too choppy or the surf too low and is the reason longboarding is also referred to as “sidewalk surfing.”

Longboarding Through the Years

longboards on wall

Image source: Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Longboards were first made commercially available in 1958 and made their way to the mainland, where they gained popularity in California in the 1970s. In 1972, Frank Nasworthy introduced polyurethane wheels which provided better grip and made it possible for longboarders and skateboarders alike to skate faster and with greater control. Around this time, the iconic Zephyr Competition Team, also known as the Z-Boys, was formed and revolutionized the art of skateboarding with their signature surf style.

If you’d like to learn more about the Zephyr team, Dogtown and skateboarding in the 1970s, check out this documentary:

Longboarding and skateboarding both went underground in the early 1980s as high insurance costs and the threat of lawsuits drove skate parks out of business. Skateboarding, however, was able to maintain some of its mainstream relevance and surpass longboarding in popularity due to the efforts of skateboarders to make skateboarding its own sport. These skateboarders favored shorter, smaller decks over longboards because they made it easier to accommodate the new tricks and skate styles of the day.

The Longboard’s Resurgence 

Image source: The Board Guide

The growing popularity of skateboarding, which led to professional skateboarders becoming household names, carried on well into the 1990s. Around this time, snowboarding also began to gain traction as an alternative to skiing. This momentum led to something of a renaissance for longboarding. Compared to skateboarding, which was typically done competitively, longboarding became a fun and effective mode of transportation across city streets and sidewalks. Snowboarders also began to embrace longboarding as a way to refine their balance and coordination skills during the spring and summer seasons.

The 1990s also brought the invention of the reverse kingpin truck, which places the kingpin on the opposite side of the axle, pointing it in a different direction. Due to their shape and size, reverse kingpins make longboards easier to carve and turn. This increased control and stability led to the development of different longboarding styles, such as slalom, freeriding, downhill racing and dancing.

Longboarding Styles

Cruising and carving


Image source: Magneto Boards

Cruising and carving are two of the more common forms of longboarding because they’re the most laid back and the easiest to master. In fact, if you’ve ever seen someone longboarding across your school’s campus or through a downtown area, they were likely doing a combination of cruising and carving. Medium-length decks—ideally decks between 32” and 42”—with large, softer wheels and trucks approximately the same width as the deck are ideal for cruising and carving because they provide greater control and shock absorption.

Slalom longboarding

slalom longboarding

Slalom is a form of longboarding in which the rider pumps to maintain speed and uses carving to weave in and out of obstacles along a course. Cones are traditionally used to create a course in competitive slaloming, but casual longboard riders often engage in “civilian slalom” on city sidewalks. Although there isn’t any one style of slalom longboard, decks are usually between 36” to 40” with soft wheels for better tread and control while carving.

Watch some of the world’s best slalom riders compete in this video:

Longboard dancing

longboard dancing

Image source: Guanabara Boards

Longboard dancing, also known as freestyle, originated in the early 2000s when skateboarders Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski incorporated fluid footwork and tricks into their riding style and is inspired by boardwalking in surfing. Dancing is typically done on flat terrain and at slower speeds than other longboarding disciplines in order to give the rider greater control over the board and their movements. With longboard dancing, the bigger the deck, the better, as it gives the rider more room for their footwork. Riders interested in dancing should also look for boards with greater flex and trucks and wheels suited for carving.

Want to see what longboard dancing looks like? Check out this video:

Downhill longboarding

downhill longboarding

Image source: Adrenaline Beast

Downhill longboarding, also referred to as speedboarding, is the most extreme form of longboarding and should only be attempted by highly skilled riders. As its name implies, downhill longboarding involves riding down hills as fast as possible, often on rough slope and around tight turns, without crashing. Downhill racing has become especially popular in recent years amongst the most daring of longboarders.

Due to the dangerous nature of the sport, those who participate in downhill longboarding are advised to wear protective gear, including a full-face helmet, gloves, knee pads and shin guards. Drop-through, drop-platform and top-mounts are common in downhill, and decks are typically stiff with a small to medium wheelbase.

To see downhill in action, check out this video:

Freeride longboarding

downhill road longboarding

Image source: Longboardism

Freeride longboarding is a more relaxed form of downhill longboarding that blends in elements of other longboarding disciplines, as well as slides and tricks. Freeride longboarding decks are often similar in construction to downhill longboards and are usually 38” to 42” for added stability.

Are you a longboarding beginner looking to get started or a seasoned pro interesting in trying out a new discipline? Here at Snowboard Jones, we have high quality longboards for riders at all levels from the most trusted brands in the industry. Send us an email or give us a visit and start street surfing today!

At our ski shop in NH, we don’t rest just because there’s no snow falling. Instead, we make the seemingly obvious transition from ski shop to premier NH skate shop. We use the term, “seemingly,” because not all snowboarders skate and not all skaters snowboard. In fact, excelling at one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll easily excel at the other. However, snowboarding and skating have a great deal in common. To succeed at either sport, you have to hone your balancing skills, refine your coordination, learn to take a few rough spills, and practice obsessively.

Snowboarding and skating do share an extremely important thing in common though; a spirit of individuality and freedom. Both are sports that require less of a team effort than most and more of an individual effort that requires a significant amount of discipline. And, at our ski shop in NH, you can find everything you need to start skating this summer. We have skateboards, longboards, trucks, wheels, skate clothing, footwear, and more accessories to keep you cruising down the street or perfecting your 360 kickflip at one of the many local skate parks in the area.

The Best Gear Available

Ski Shop NH from Snowboard Jones

We make sure to stock the latest products from the most trusted brands in the industry in order to provide our customers with the highest quality skate gear available. We have products from brands like Powell Peralta, Vans, Santa Cruz, Creature, Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Girl, Adidas, Independent trucks, Sector 9, Earthwing, and much more. We make it easy to take your skating to the next level with brand new products as well as substantial sales that can save you a great deal of money. We have complete skateboard setups starting at $99 as well as blank skateboard decks with grip tape for $30.

So, if you’re new to skating or seem to go through skateboard decks like Ryan Sheckler perfecting a switch heel flip to 50/50 grind down a massive flight of stairs, we have affordable, high quality decks and full skateboards for you to thrash at your leisure. And, of course, we have individual decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings that you can buy separately to customize your own skateboard or longboard in any way you like.

So stay on your toes this summer, make sure to regularly check in with our ski shop in NH, and keep on riding!

If you’re interested in all the skate gear that our ski shop in NH has to offer, contact us at: 603-627-7433

This Sunday, June 23rd from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Snowboard Jones is bringing back the SKATE JAM! We’ll be setting up a skate park outside of our Manchester location and anyone with a skateboard is welcome to join. Spend $50 at Snowboard Jones that day and you will be entered for a chance to win a 2013-2014 season pass to Crotched Mountain!

A few features will be the quarter pipe, a 25 ft. ledge, manual pad, rainbow rail, and a lot more. Contests and giveaways include products from Oakley, Emerica, I-Path, Arnette, Rayban and more!

Ken Jones Ski Mart and Snowboard Jones have a top-of-the-line selection of winter sporting goods. From our wide selection of skis and snowboard decks to our awesome winter gear, both of our Manchester stores are known for our quality, and range of products.


Skate Jam

The Skate Jam is on this Sunday!

In the summer, Snowboard Jones changes its stock from snowboards to skateboards so don’t miss your chance to check out our wide array of decks, trucks, wheels, and all the gear you’ll need to start kicking. Whether you are into long boarding, or hitting the park, you’ll find everything at Snowboard Jones this summer.

If you would like more information about this event, please contact Ben Hall at (603) 624-2090. 

Burton SnowboardsInternationally Trusted Brand

Burton snowboards are some of the top snowboards available on the market today. Sold internationally and trusted as the boarding experts, Burton may be partially responsible for the sport snowboarding has become now. Founder, Jake Burton, was experimenting with new designs and features in his original boards that have led to the top quality, sportiness, and durability of Burton boards today. Constantly experimenting with new materials, shapes, and sizes, Burton was able to make the most of his unique talent for making some of the best boards. In just over 30 years Burton has hit 6 continents, multiple countries, and thousands of slopes across the world. The great thing about buying a Burton board is that you don’t have to buy direct. Some of the best deals you can find come on boards come from ski and snowboarding shops. Because of their early success in the boarding business, Burton has become one of the most highly respected and trusted brands on the globe.

There is a Burton Board for Any Shape or Size

One of the coolest things about Burton snowboards is their wide market. Burton not only makes some of the top boards for pro snowboarders like Olympic medalist Kelly Clark, snowboarding legend Terje Haakonsen, and board icon Shaun White, but also has some of the best boards for guys and girls of all ages and abilities. With freestyle and all-mountain boards for riders in each demographic, Burton boards are ahead of the industry. Whether you are just starting out, have some boarding ability, or live and breathe snowboarding, Burton has the perfect board and custom bindings you need. They even make kids boards so young riders can gain an early talent and love for the sport.

Burton snowboards are an industry leader and deliver solid performance and design for boarders young and old. For your next Burton board, check out what Ken Jones Ski Mart has to offer or call us toll free at 1-866-892-7607.

Please enjoy!

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