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Performance Tuning By Ken Jones Ski Mart

“Quality Tunes for the Professional, and Recreational Skier.”

Our expertly trained staff have been tuning skis for a combined total of over 100 years! They take pride in the work that they do to ensure that you have the best on hill experience. And that’s why our customers keep coming back! Performance by Ken Jones tunes thousands of skis a year, let us tune yours!


Our Tunes:

Pro Race Prep: ($100) – sidewall -base repair -full stone grind -clean patterns -ceramic disc edge -choose bevels -hand finished -w/SWIX race wax according race day forecast -straps included

*(This is the Pro’s choice. When you’re working hard in the gates to get your times down, we can help!)  (A Great Option for NEW SKIS!)


High Performance: ($80) – light sidewall -base repair -full stone grind -winter weave pattern -ceramic disc edge -choose bevels -bench touch-up/light detune -SWIX temp wax according to time of season.

*(The ideal option for an avid skier of any style, Get the response you expect out of your skis. Clean bevels and a flat base will provide outstanding control for the entire quiver.)


Performance: ($60) – belt grind -base repair -standard 1&2 belt edge -light detune -universal glide wax (good for all temps)

*(This is an excellent option for the recreational skier. Providing you with a smooth base, clean edges, and a great universal glide wax assuring a good time on the hill wherever it takes you.)


Snowboard Performance: ($65) – belt grind -base repair -standard 1&2 belt edge -light detune -universal glide wax (good for all temps)


Junior Performance: ($45) – belt grind -base repair -standard 1&2 belt edge -light detune -universal glide wax (good for all temps)

*(A great option for the junior skier in your family. Provides them with a smooth base, clean edges, and a universal glide wax assuring a fun day on the hill.)


Race Sharpen & Wax: ($50) Ceramic race edge -hand finished -w/SWIX race wax according to race day forecast.


Edge & Wax: ($45) -belt edge w/ universal glide wax.


Minor Base Repair: ($15)

Major Base Repair: ($30)

Edge/Epoxy Repair: ($35-$75)

*Most repairs require a High Performance tune along with any repair work to get the ski smooth and in skiable condition again. Not all damages to skis and snowboards are repairable. Please bring your ski into the tune shop for a quote.


Binding Work:

Binding Test: ($20)

Binding Mount / Re-Mount: ($60)

KJSM Straps/Wax Scrapers: ($7) (straps included w/ all Pro Race Preps)

*We can not work on bindings that are not on the manufactureres Binding Indemnification list. If your binding is not on the list provided by the manufacturers, we can not perform an adjustment or binding test on your bindings.


Our Montana Machines:

Montana Challenge


Our Wintersteiger Machines:

Sigma B Stone Grinder

Trim B Edger – Edge + Base

Trim Jet – Ceramic Disk Edger

Speedtronic Binding tester

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